College Strategy and Planning for 9-11th Grades Students

Our Ivy-to-Be coaching service is for high school students. We prepare your student based on what Ivy League schools and other highly selective colleges are looking for in prospective students. These coaching sessions help the students have a great start for their high school career; develop their highest potential; and prepare them for Ivies, top schools, or their dream colleges. All the coaching sessions are highly customized one-on-one sessions to most effectively benefit your student. We conduct one-on-one coaching in one or more of the following areas:

Assessment and planning:

  • Evaluate student’s current status: courses, tests, achievements, leadership, activities, interests, talent, and skills.
  • Determine major factors the student looks for in her/his dream college and possible concentrations of study.
  • Create an individualized step by step action plan for the rest of the student's high school career.

Academic, leadership and extracurricular activities

  • Ivy academic requirement: rigorous course planning and management.
  • Standardized tests scheduling and deadline monitoring.
  • Advice on talent and special interests discovery and development.
  • Essay writing practice.
  • Leadership development based on the student’s talents and interests.
  • Discovering and developing standout credentials.
  • Selecting and balancing the student's extracurricular activities and enhancing the student’s extracurricular strengths.
  • Discovering the student’s passion to serve and advising on volunteer organizations and events on and off campus.
  • Assisting in planning an effective college visit. College visit guidelines and tips sheet will be provided before the trip.

Ivy-Character and Personal Quality development

  • Develop traits and skills that will make you a more likable, trustworthy, respectable, and empathetic person.
  • How to make your first impression your best impression and how to be self-confident on all occasions.
  • Gain strong interpersonal verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
  • Hone public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Practice leadership skills and be a visionary.
  • Learn to be socially graceful.
  • Understand basic and social etiquette.

“Winning-at-the-Beginning” for 6-8th Grade Students

It’s never too early to think about your child’s future. The earlier you start the process, the better chance he/she will have of being admitted to Ivyies and other highly selective colleges. Our Winning-at-the-Beginning coaching program is intended for middle school students who want to develop their full potential and get into top colleges. It is clear that what a student does and how this student performs in middle school will affect how he/she will do in high school. Ultimately, the student’s performance in high school will decide to which colleges this student will be admitted. Winning-at-the Beginning coaching will give the students and parents a head start so that they will have a clear picture as to where they are going and a set of tools to help them achieve the Ivy dream in the easiest and most effective fashion. We also consult on the private high school admissions processperson, or via webcam, email, and phone call.

  • Evaluating the student’s current status: courses, tests, achievement, leadership, activities, interests, talents, and skills.
  • Understanding the parents’ and student’s educational goals and concerns.
  • Creating overall Ivy-to-Be middle school development strategy, plan, and action timeline.
  • Selecting courses that enable a head start going into high school.
  • Preparing the student for prestigious academic programs before high school.
  • Exploring opportunities and programs in developing leadership and public speaking skills
  • Picking and choosing extracurricular activities to find the correct balance between academic and non-academic.
  • Suggestions on athletic and music programs.
  • Training student in time management, self-control, and responsibility.
  • Coaching students on communication skills and how to get along with parents, siblings, friends, and schoolmates.
  • Teaching manners and etiquette: show empathy and be respectful.
  • Building self-confidence and standing on his/her feet while under peer pressure.
  • Guiding student on how to develop and maintain good relationships with teachers, coaches, and school officials.
  • Based on the student’s talents, recommend resources to build the student’s credentials.

We spent 20 years continuously, researching, developing, refining, and practicing the above “Winning-at-the Beginning” Ivy-to-Be educational system. It worked for my son, who was Harvard’11 as well as many for other The Path To Ivy Group students. It will work for your student too.