College Admissions

The college application process is incredibly important to a student because it is the culmination of their past twelve years of work. In order to help students showcase their accomplishments to admissions officers and gain admission at the school of their dreams, we offer the following service in person, by email, phone or webcam. Our goal is to prepare our students to present themselves in the best way possible and go where they will be successful and happy.

Our popular Admission Comprehensive Coaching package

We will assist the student step by step in preparing the best application possible. This package is most suitable for a student who already has the credentials and is looking for the expertise to produce a powerful and persuasive college application.


  • Create an application schedule to help the student meet various deadlines.
  • Provide an appropriate list of colleges to apply to.
  • Assess passion, transcript and standardized test results.
  • Review extracurricular activities and discover the student's unique strengths.
  • Give advice on application strategies: when to apply and to which school(s) to apply.
  • Enhance the student’s activity sheet and tailor it to each school.
  • Coach the student on how to get high power letters of recommendation.
  • Plan additional college visits if they are needed.
  • Brainstorm topics for each personal statement, short answer and essay.
  • Coach and conduct mock college interviews.
  • Conduct final review for red-flags before submitting.
  • Work with student on how to continuously demonstrate their interest to colleges.
  • If a student is deferred or wait-listed by a college, we coach the student on strategies of how to turn the situation into a favorable one.

The Path To Ivy Group has coached students who were admitted to Ivy Leagues schools and other highly selective colleges. We can do the same for you.