Math Center

About the Math Center

The Math Center offers private one-on-one math classes for students across a variety of different math subjects and needs. Our philosophy is to help students build the confidence and knowledge necessary to become better life-long math learners as they are faced with increasingly challenging math problems in their schooling and careers to come. To that end, in all of our programs, we seek to help students achieve their learning/test-taking goals by identifying gaps in knowledge and building a stronger mathematical and problem-solving foundation. Students are given guidance on how to approach problems with the end goal being for them to discover the solution themselves. We are here to help your student today, but nothing would give us more pride than to see them grow into no longer needing us tomorrow.

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Our Services

Standardized Test Prep

  • We offer test preparation for the following exams:
      • SAT
      • ACT
      • SAT Math 1 Subject Test
      • SAT Math 2 Subject Test
      • AP Calculus
      • ISEE
      • SSAT
      • AMC 8
  • Programs of study are individually customized based on the student’s current math skill level, goals, and timeline
  • Classes focus on diagnosing and filling gaps in knowledge and improving problem-solving skills, all things that are applicable outside of just the particular standardized test
  • Classes are predominantly virtual and can be taken from the comfort and convenience of the student’s home

Math Skills Development

  • We offer foundational and enrichment classes for students grades 4-8
  • This program is for students who are currently average to above-average at math who would like to improve their math and problem-solving skills, whether that be to improve performance and confidence in school or eventually be more prepared to take admissions exams like the ISEE or SSAT
  • Programs of study are highly customized based on the student’s current skill level
  • Classes are predominantly virtual and can be taken from the comfort and convenience of the student’s home

About the Teacher

Mr. George Yi is a retired software and electrical engineer of over 25 years who is passionate about teaching math. Since 2014, he has helped many students of all grade levels improve their math skills and achieve scores on standardized tests that they rarely thought were possible. He is a firm believer that his role as a teacher is to not just to teach students math, but to teach them how to, and give them the confidence to, teach themselves math. Mr. Yi holds a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering.